Paddy the Baddy on the incident that left him 'Paddy the Saddy'

Paddy 'the Baddy' Pimblett said he knew something was wrong despite winning the fight in 2022
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

Paddy ‘the Baddy’ Pimblett has revealed how he was "couchbound and vomiting" before a crucial fight.

The Scouser’s journey from fighting in the Olympia to huge fights in Las Vegas has been shared in a new BBC documentary featuring fellow Liverpool fighter ‘Meatball’ Molly McCann.

Shown on BBC Three and iPlayer, Paddy and Molly: Show No Mersey shows the ups and downs of their recent careers and their love of Liverpool. The first episode showed Paddy preparing to fight against Tony Ferguson in the Octagon in Las Vegas in December 2023.

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However, Paddy said the build-up to this was far from straightforward. In his previous fight against Jared Gordon, the Huyton-born fighter came out victorious but left the cage hobbling. It transpired he had suffered a serious ankle injury.

Paddy said: “Going into my last fight with Jared Gordon, 90 seconds, two minutes in, I've kicked in and as soon as I put my foot down, I was like, what’s happened there?

“I didn't have the spring in my step, I didn’t have the explosiveness. At the time, I didn't know what was going on. Now in hindsight, I know I needed a full ankle ligament reconstruction.”

The injury and recovery took a serious toll on Paddy. His wife Laura Gregory said: “He’s been vomiting off the painkillers. The first couple of days he barely ate. It was probably one of the most mentally draining recoveries for him.

“It’s different when it’s your arms, at least you can walk about. But with your legs - he was literally stuck in and I think it really did take a toll on his mental health.”

Paddy agreed, adding: “Being injured is the worst thing that can possibly happen to a professional athlete and I was just couchbound for months.

“Life was not good. I got a little bit depressed. It defines you as a person. So obviously, when you’re injured, and you’re not Paddy the Baddy really. You’re Paddy the Saddy.”

It was hard for Molly to see Paddy in this situation too. She said: “It was really hard watching Paddy be injured because, mentally and physically, he couldn't do what he loves to do. He had three operations in one on that ankle injury and I am just praying it holds up for this fight.”

Nevertheless, Paddy remained confident ahead of the fight. He said: “I still think I’m going to be a champion, even though people laugh at me when I say it. I have that much belief in myself that it’s going to happen.”

During the fight against Ferguson, there was a point where Paddy’s ankle buckled, leaving him to fear the worst. However, it did not prove to be serious and Paddy defeated Ferguson in the third round. He said afterwards that he felt good and declared the fight as “easy work” for him.

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