Pakistani Militant Gives Ultimatum To US

Alex Rossi, Asia correspondent
Pakistani Militant Gives Ultimatum To US

A Pakistani militant leader with links to terror attacks has told Sky News the US and Nato must leave the region immediately or face the wrath of the Pakistani people.

In a rare interview at a rally in the Punjabi city of Multan, Hafiz Saeed claimed the US is threatening Pakistan's existence.

He said: "The killing of (Osama) Bin Laden is against the sovereignty of Pakistan.

"America has started a war against Pakistan and also attacked our army checkpoints. That is why all the political parties are here and we are united until America leaves the region."

Mr Saeed's comments and the fact he is now campaigning openly across the country will concern many countries in the international community.

He is the founder of the banned terror group Lashkar e Taiba .

It is held responsible for the Mumbai attacks in 2008 which killed 174 people. India is demanding his extradition.

Mr Saeed appeared at the demonstration alongside religious leaders and former military men under a newly formed umbrella organisation called the Pakistani Defence Council (PDC).

There were about 10,000 people in attendance and more demos are planned, feeding into the rising public anger in Pakistan at the West.

People believe the country has been used in the war in Afghanistan and is paying a heavy price with continuous terror attacks across the country.

The former head of Pakistan's intelligence agency, General Hamid Gul, is also promoting the PDC.

He said as far as most Pakistanis are concerned, the US is no longer an ally of the country.

He said: "Sixty-eight percent of the people in Pakistan in the latest survey say America is now our enemy number one. India used to be our enemy number one, now it is America."

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