Pamborghini: Sports Car Plastered In Pamela Anderson Pics Spotted In London

There is only one way to make an expensive Lamborghini even more extravagant and that is to colour it in bright pink and cover it in half-naked pictures of Pamela Anderson.

And that is exactly what one fan of the Baywatch beauty has done - forcing onlookers in London to stop and gawp at the car when it was parked in London this week.

Extravagant: The Pamborghini stood out on the London streets (SWNS)

Baywatch beauty: Pamela Anderson recently became the face of Misguided (SWNS)

Hello boys: Pammie is posing in a swimsuit on the bonnet (SWNS)

The £300,0000 Aventador, that features it’s nickname of ‘Pamborghini’ hashtagged across the top of the windscreen, is believed to be owned by Nitin Passi, the Manchester-based founder of retail website Missguided.

The car is covered in fake $100 bills along with the pictures of Pammie - who recently became the face of Misguided - on the front and along the roof.

Unusual: Onlookers were stunned at the sight of the car parked at the side of the road (SWNS)

Luxury: The car also featured several $100 bills (SWNS)

The car’s appearance in London follows the arrival of a fleet of four gold cars owned by a young Saudi tourist.

There is also a gold Maserati Gran Turismo in town - with the owner driving around with his learner plates still attached.

Top pic: SWNS