What the papers say about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement

Britain’s national newspapers love a royal story – and they’re banking on readers loving one too.

The Mirror (souvenir pullout), the Daily Mail (24-page supplement) and the Sun (25 pages AND a poster) compete this morning for the attention of royal fans, while Metro gives over only its first 11 pages to the story and the Daily Express a mere seven.

A special mention should go to the Telegraph (16 pages in the regular paper, plus a pullout), which also somehow wrangled a deftly placed advert for Tiffany rings on its front page and the rather bemusing pull quote: “The corgis took to her straight away.”

The royal engagement did not only grace the front pages of papers in the UK. The West Australian came up with the headline “Harry to Marry”.

Elsewhere, the Times reports that so-called hard-left supporters of Jeremy Corbyn are “forcing out” moderate candidates ahead of next year’s local elections, alongside a picture of the betrothed.

The Guardian leads on the backlash against Brexit secretary David Davis after his department handed over heavily edited reports on the impact of Britain leaving the EU, but finds room for a reflection on what the royal engagement could mean for attitudes towards race.

Only the Financial Times front page is entirely royal-free, focusing instead on news that Bitcoin has hit a record high.

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