‘Paramilitary-style shooting’ in Belfast condemned

By Rebecca Black, PA

An attack on a man in Belfast described as a “paramilitary-style shooting” has been condemned.

The man, in his 40s, was shot in both legs in Ardoyne on Wednesday night.

He has been taken to hospital, where his condition is described as stable.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland has asked anyone with any knowledge of the incident to call 101.

Sinn Fein MLA Gerry Kelly condemned the shooting.

He said: “As yet no organisation has claimed responsibility. I condemn whoever was involved.

“A number or residents in Ardoyne and wider North Belfast have been shot dead in the recent past by various small armed groups masquerading as protectors.

“The community does not support such actions and it needs to stop. There is no place for guns on our streets.

“Anyone with information on this attack should bring it forward to the police.”

SDLP MLA Nichola Mallon described the incident as a “brutal attack committed by criminals who need to face justice”.

“No-one can be allowed to intimidate this community,” she said.

“Those responsible have nothing to offer people here. We’re trying to build a better North Belfast and acts like this only make that harder. They have to be faced down.

“I would appeal to anyone with information to bring it forward to police.”

Alliance councillor Nuala McAllister said: “There is no excuse for this sort of action and I condemn it utterly.

“No matter the situation, guns are never the answer and shooting people is always wrong.

“People taking the law into their own hands and bringing violence to our streets needs to stop immediately.”