Paris Hilton dresses up as Kim Kardashian and oh how the tables have turned

Rachel Thompson

Fame's a funny old thing, isn't it? 

One minute you're ordering someone to clean and organise your closet, and the next minute, you're modelling their husband's clothing line. 

Well, that's how things have panned out for Paris Hilton

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Back at the height of Paris' reality TV stardom, Paris and Kim's relationship was a curious mix of business-meets-pleasure. Kim was Paris's sometime personal assistant, sometime BFF. But, even when Paris wasn't Kim's boss in name, she pretty much still acted that way. 

A lot's changed since the days when we watched Kim Kardashian getting ordered about by her so-called BFF.

Paris Hilton just dressed up as Kim Kardashian to model #YeezySeason6, Kanye West's clothing line. And, she Instagrammed the pics for all the world to see. 

Kim, is that you?

The resemblance is pretty uncanny, tbqh. 

Paris Hilton wasn't the only one imitating Kim, though. 

Kylie Jenner's best friend Jordyn Woods also got in on the action. 

And, fashion designers Shannon and Shannade Clermont also dressed up for the campaign. Are we seeing double? 

Things sure do change! 

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