Partygate docudrama sparks outrage and heartbreak from viewers including Carol Vorderman

The Channel 4 docudrama hit home as the Conservative Party Conference takes place this week

Boris Johnson (Jon Culshaw), Alice Lyons (Alice Orr-Ewig), Grace Greenwood (Georgie Henley), Rory Baskerville (Tom Durant-Pritchard), Annabel D'Acre (Ophelia Lovibond) star in Partygate docudrama
Docudrama Partygate has sparked a huge reaction online from fans

Channel 4's docudrama Partygate sparked an outpouring of anger and heartache on social media when it aired on Tuesday night.

As the Conservative Party Conference takes place this week, the political TV show — which tells the story of the parties at Number 10 Downing Street during the Covid lockdowns through a mix of news footage and dramatisations — hit home and made a huge impact.

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Inspired by real events, it is retold through the eyes of two fictional Special Advisors, Grace Greenwood (played by Georgie Henley) and Annabel D'acre (played by Ophelia Lovibond).

Celebs react to Partygate

Pictured (L-R): Annabel D'Acre (Ophelia Lovibond), Rory Baskerville (Tom Durant-Pritchard)
Annabel D'Acre (Ophelia Lovibond) and Rory Baskerville (Tom Durant-Pritchard) during a party scene in Partygate (Channel 4).

Famous faces Carol Vorderman and Good Morning Britain's Dr Amir Khan led the reaction on Twitter to the docudrama which has received heaps of praise online.

Vorderman urged her 879.6k followers to watch the docudrama and "never forget" what happened. In an impassioned tweet, she wrote: "Watch #Partygate @Channel4 right now, record it… Play it on loop until the General Election.

"Never forget the disdain with which this govt treated the vulnerable, the elderly, the children, the lonely, those who died alone. While their "associates" profited from VIP Lane deals."

Carol Vorderman wraps up in furry jacket at the races
Carol Vorderman has reacted to the Partygate docudrama, urging viewers to watch it and to "never forget" what happened (Getty Images)

The TV personality took aim at the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in her follow up tweet, saying: "Including Rishi Sunak who received a police fine and hasn’t handed in his whatsapp messages to the Covid inquiry as he "changed phones and forgot to back his phone up"."

GMB’s doctor Khan praised the docudrama for its importance in an emotional tweet. He wrote: "Watching #Partygate and it’s simply devastating - well done @Channel4 for making such an important watch."

Partygate reaction

Many people took to Twitter to recall their own personal heartbreak and their anger at the raucous parties that unfolded at Downing Street during the 2020 lockdowns.

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Among them, one wrote: "Watching #Partygate last night made me angry and tearful in equal measure, I threw up my hands in despair, what’s the point, this government would again put money before public health if we had another pandemic."

Others added: "Thoughts and emotions still felt by many thousands of people. The anger and the grief are still very raw. And very real. #Partygate."

"This #Partygate show on C4 is really gut wrenching. Not funny, not entertaining, just really upsetting and grotesque."

Partygate docudrama retells the Number 10 parties in lockdown
Partygate docudrama retells the Number 10 parties in lockdown (Channel 4)

"Watching #Partygate and while someone people are saying it’s reminding them of how angry they still are, I’m finding it viciously, bitterly satisfying that Channel 5 have made this."

"Really hard watching #Partygate and remembering all the grief and suffering. When we finally get a chance to vote, please don’t forget that the Conservatives partied (danced, drank, snogged) while our patients died without being able to even hold a hand."

“#Partygate #c4 almost 5 years ago was this very precious photographic memory. We were not able to say goodbye to you or sing at your funeral and not all your family could attend. The funeral where people had to move their chairs back broke me tonight. I can never forget.”

The docudrama Partygate is available to watch now on Channel 4.

Watch the trailer for Partygate: