Passenger’s head got crushed between Tube carriages while they were urinating

LONDON, UK - FEBRUARY 17, 2020: Train arrives at Piccadilly Circus underground station.
A person was “seriously” injured when they tried to relieve themselves between carriages on a Picadilly Line train. (Getty) (xmocb via Getty Images)

A passenger’s head was crushed between carriages on a moving train while they were urinating, a new report has revealed.

The commuter was “seriously” injured when they tried to relieve themselves on the Picadilly Line train, according to a Transport for London (TfL) quarterly safety report.

Another person was also seriously hurt after the front wheel came off their TfL Santander hire bike, the report added.

Other injuries suffered by staff and passengers between April and June, included falls on escalators, stairs and platforms across the TfL network.

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London,UK - August 6th 2015:Santander rental bikes for hire in London.  These cycles can be rented at a series of locations around the city and are ofter call Boris bikes after the Mayor of London.
A cyclist was seriously hurt when the front wheel came off their TfL Santander hire bike. (Getty) (cwarham via Getty Images)

The report said eight people who fell on escalators and another eight who fell on stairs on the London Underground were seriously hurt.

It said a visually impaired commuter also fell from the train to the platform when using the London Overground.

The report revealed the TfL had failed to meet its customer safety scorecard targets in the first quarter, with 2.73 injuries per million journeys rather than the aim of 2.58 injuries.

“We continue to strive to improve the safety of our public transport network,” the TfL said.

“We are embarking on a new strategic approach to working in a risk-based way: building a broader understanding of our safety performance; diagnosing and prioritising our top safety concerns; and enabling transport modes and teams to take local action on these concerns.

“In taking this approach, we have initially prioritised common customer safety concerns including slips, trips and falls; passenger/transport interfaces; and road risk."

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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - AUGUST 18: An underground railway station remains quieter than usual as the staff stage a national strike in an ongoing dispute over pay, jobs and conditions in London, United Kingdom on August 18, 2022. (Photo by Rasid Necati Aslim/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
There were 263 injuries, including two serious ones, reported among TfL staff members. (Getty) (Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

TfL added it would focus on improving what was in its control but acknowledged incidents involving customers were influenced by human behaviour.

The report showed there were 43 serious injuries and a single death on TfL’s network between April and June.

In total, there were 263 injuries, including two serious ones, among TfL staff members.

Staff assaults have increased since Covid-19 restrictions were lifted but injuries, in general, have remained below levels seen pre-pandemic, the report said.

Meanwhile, transport bosses have warned London will experience “unprecedented travel demand” in the coming days as people visit the capital to pay their respects to the Queen.

Public transport users are being advised that the city will be “exceptionally busy” and they should expect Tube stations to temporarily close to avoid overcrowding.

Planning journeys in advance using the latest information “will be essential”, according to a joint statement by Network Rail, Transport for London and industry body the Rail Delivery Group.