Passengers Stuck in Swaying Cable Car as Powerful Earthquake Felt in Mexico City

Passengers were stuck in a swaying cable car when a powerful earthquake was felt in Mexico City on September 7.

The magnitude-7.1 earthquake, which struck southwest of Acapulco in Guerrero on Mexico’s Pacific coast, shook the capital 235 miles away, causing power outages.

This footage by Gilberto Romero Glez was shot inside a Cablebus car suspended over the Xalpa area of the city. In the video, Glez is heard attempting to calm a frightened woman.

He said authorities were able to evacuate them to safety after about an hour.

According to Andrés Lajous, transport secretary for the capital, Cablebus lines 1 and 2 were suspended, per protocol, and stations evacuated due to the earthquake.

By the early hours of September 8, there were no reported injuries in Mexico City, according to officials. At least one person was killed in Acapulco near the epicenter of the quake, the governor of Guerrero told local news. Credit: Gilberto Romero Glez via Storyful

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