Paul 'Gazza' Gascoigne spotted needing assistance to get into car after leaving restaurant

Paul 'Gazza' Gascoigne was spotted leaving a seafood restaurant looking visibly drunk and needing assistance to get into a car. The English footballing legend was pictured sitting alone in The Crab at Bournemouth at about 1pm before being escorted out the establishment. The 54-year-old Geordie is known for having long-standing struggles in the past with drinking, and has had a couple of stints in rehab. Fan Paul Bailes was walking by when he saw the former Newcastle and Tottenham midfielder sat for a couple of minutes before leaving the restaurant. The 46-year-old from West Yorkshire said: "I didn't realise he was drunk until he started to move. "In an ideal world I would've liked to have gone over, picked him up and helped him myself. "Heartbroken to see a legend of this nation in this state and not being able to thank him for what he means to everyone. "He needs a wakeup call from somebody. "I hope somebody can save him, I wish him all the best." He believes the man who helped him was a waiter at the restaurant who had called him a taxi. In February this year, Gazza said that he'll "always be an alcoholic" ahead of his stint on Italy's version of 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here'. He said: "Now I can have a couple of glasses of wine, and I have a few beers. "Not every day, but when I want to." However fans remarked that he looked "healthy" when he appeared on Good Morning Britain last month to discuss the passing of fellow sportsman Jimmy Greaves.

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