Paulina Porizkova opens up about the beauty of aging: 'I feel in my prime now'

HAMBURG, GERMANY - JUNE 20: Paulina Porizkova during the Ernsting's family Fashion Show 2022 at Hotel Atlantic on June 20, 2022 in Hamburg, Germany. (Photo by Franziska Krug/Getty Images for Ernsting's Family)
Paulina Porizkova opened up about aging and beauty on Instagram. (Photo by Franziska Krug/Getty Images for Ernsting's Family)

Paulina Porizkova is getting real about beauty and age.

On Tuesday, the 57-year-old supermodel took to Instagram to share two side-by-side photos — one of her younger self, and the other of a recent "filterless" selfie. She paired the snaps with a caption replying to a fan who inquired about her physical beauty.

"Can I ask you something? What was it like when you were younger to be so beautiful? What was it like when you would walk into a room and people would stare at you? Did you feel special? Do you miss all that attention?" the commenter asked. The Swedish stunner admitted that while she does miss the attention at times, she has learned to embrace her beauty as she gets older.

"I do miss the attention," Porizkova penned, adding that due to societal beauty standards aging "is not easy to accept."

The mother-of-two went on to explain that as a model, her life revolved around representing "the physically perfect woman," but it was impossible to "measure up" and compared herself to her peers.

"It was probably when I felt the worst about myself," Porizkova explained. "Walk into a room and sweep everyone’s breath away? More like, walk into a room knowing some people are whispering that you’re not all that hot up close or in real life, that Elle has a better body, that Christie has better teeth, that Cindy has a sexier mouth."

"And now, when I finally appreciate what I had been given, it’s in society’s opinion I’m losing my beauty," she pointed out, before adding: "God d—, I feel in my prime now!"

The model ended her caption with a few thoughts about finding "balance."

"The combination of my learning, maturing, and earning my wrinkles, combined with the way I look, I believe is the best balance I have ever had. So, sorry all who can’t see it and feel youth is necessary for beauty," she concluded.

Porizkova's post was met with applause for her comments about ageism.

"Love this sentiment! Perfectly said," a fan chimed in. "Nothing is more beautiful that a self-loving, confident human. Well done on finding that!"

"It's really sad that we as a society have accepted judging women harshly as a social norm. Great post and the honesty will open some minds to their own behaviour, hopefully," another wrote.

Another follower shared: "I respectfully disagree with society. Your beauty (inside and out) is timeless."

Last month, Porizkova slammed a critic who suggested she consider plastic surgery.

In the caption of the post, which featured a photo of her leaning her head on her hand against a red background, Porizkova got real about social expectations of women as they age.

"For the record, I have had laser treatments. And the plasma pen. I’d like to strike a balance between being proud to look my age and still get to feel pretty at times..." she wrote. "But telling a woman what she 'needs' to do herself in order to be seen as attractive, whether it’s hair colour, makeup, skin creams or clothing — or the more invasive options — is shaming her."

"Find what you think is beautiful in your friends and point it out. The best way to support one another is to celebrate what is already there," she concluded.

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