Pedestrian killed by helicopter that landed on top of him at Brazil beach resort

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<em>The pedestrian was killed when a helicopter crashed on top of him (CEN)</em>
The pedestrian was killed when a helicopter crashed on top of him (CEN)

A pedestrian walking along a street at a popular beach town resort has been killed after a helicopter landed on top of him.

The Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter, that was carrying a pair of tourists on a sightseeing trip of Sao Paulo, Brazil, began dropping shortly after it took off, according to reports.

The pilot could not stop the aircraft crashing to the ground, hitting pedestrian Alessandro Correia Leite, 42, who died at the site of the accident in the town of Ubatuba.

Videos taken from the scene show the destroyed helicopter strewn across a road as a team of paramedics work to try and save Leite’s life.

The pilot and two passengers, a married couple, reportedly escaped with only minor injuries.

<em>Alessandro Correia Leite died at the scene of the crash (CEN)</em>
Alessandro Correia Leite died at the scene of the crash (CEN)

The couple were taken to the local Santa Casa hospital, while the pilot did not require treatment.

An investigation has now been launched into the causes of the accident.

Police spokesman Bruno Aragao said: ‘The passenger said that the aircraft had barely taken off and, within a minute, she noticed a light coming on and the aircraft was already falling.’

The victim’s father, Antonio Correa Leite Neto, said: ‘I had just had a coffee with him. He left and and I stayed to have a lie down in my room.

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‘I heard the sound and I shouted to my other son. It was the normal sound of a helicopter, but at the same time I heard a different noise.

‘I left shouting for my son to call the fire service as there was someone on the ground. I walked close by but I did not see initially that it was my son.’

The helicopter tour was organised by Helicon who said they regretted the incident, adding that they would help support the family of the victim.

The cause of the crash remains unknown.

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