Pentagon details military actions taken to deter threats as it leaves Afghanistan

At a Pentagon briefing on Monday, Maj. Gen. William Taylor gave details of a U.S. military drone strike. Separately, Taylor said the U.S. military used force protection measures to thwart a rocket attack on the airport in Kabul.

Video transcript

WILLIAM TAYLOR: US military operations in Afghanistan continue, with our primary focus on the safety and security of the troops who remain in Kabul. On Sunday, US military forces conducted an unmanned, over-the-horizon airstrike on a vehicle known to be an imminent ISIS-K threat. This self-defense strike successfully hit the target near Kabul Airport. Significant secondary explosions from the targeted vehicle indicated the presence of a substantial amount of explosive material.

We are aware of reports of civilian casualties. And we take these reports very seriously. And we are continuing to assess the situation.

Separately, at approximately 11:00 PM Eastern time last night, as many as five rockets were fired at the Kabul Airport. US military forces successfully employed our force protection measures to thwart that attack. US forces retain the inherent right of self-defense and are authorized to meet threats with a swift and forceful response. Force protection is paramount in this phase of the operation.