'People gawp at my legs in public – but I'll keep flaunting them in bikinis'

Karina Irby opened up about her biggest insecurities
-Credit: (Image: karinairby/Instagram)

Karina Irby, a bikini model and CEO of Moana Swim, is renowned for her body positivity advocacy online.

Her authenticity when discussing body image has garnered much admiration from her 1.1million Instagram followers. And recently she took to the site to remind everyone that it's normal to have insecurities about certain parts of our bodies.

Despite the societal pressure to appear flawless, Karina, from Australia, emphasises that feeling insecure at times is a universal experience.

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In a candid post, the 34-year-old showcased her body while expressing her apprehensions about various aspects of herself, ranging from her stomach to her skin.

She wrote on Instagram: "A carousel of my insecurities. My legs - People staring at my legs in public will never get easy and unnoticed. Tummy - As much as I appreciate it, I still find myself judging it the most. My face - My biggest insecurity. I'd love perfect glass skin."

She continued: "Anxiety - I don't mind talking about it but dealing with it makes me feel my worst. Being a business owner - I have imposter syndrome everyday. Even though I look confident, I can show you lies. "I hope by me sharing what my biggest insecurities are helps you feel less alone in yours."

Karina, after sharing her trials, was met with an outpouring of support from her followers, amassing more than 4,000 likes on her post and comments praising her "amazing" stance on body image.

One supporter praised her, saying: "Well first of all you look amazing regardless. And those things are a sign of life and development. You're human and with all those 'insecurities' you're a diamond."

Another empathised with Karina's experiences, commenting: "I totally feel you girly. Much love. I'm disabled my stoma bag and my own intestine sticking out my tummy as well as scars. One of mine too."

Karina Irby opened up about her biggest insecurities
Karina Irby opened up about her biggest insecurities

A third follower expressed their admiration for Karina: "So much admiration for literally all of you! ! You're such an amazing role model and an inspiration to the amazing community you've built."

While a fourth tried offering some words of comfort, stating: "Try not to let it get to you. I know it's tough. Beauty comes from within and comes to the surface."

This comes after Karina recently showcased her "imperfections" on social media, in a heartfelt campaign to demonstrate that it is normal to have flaws and not look "picture perfect". Shedding light on issues usually concealed, she discussed cellulite, bloated bellies, tummy rolls and "giggling thighs."

She suggested that instead of labelling them as "flaws", we should accept them as just regular aspects of being human.