Perez Hilton Under Fire For Sharing A Shower With Two-Year-Old Son

Perez Hilton is certainly no stranger to controversy, but it seems as though even he couldn’t have predicted the amount of backlash that he would receive after revealing that he and his two-year-old son, Mario, sometimes share a shower together.

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant shared a snapshot of his and little Mario’s heads in the shower, captioning the snapshot with: “Our family motto is: #fun! We try and incorporate fun into as much of the everyday things we do! #Bathtime”, and predictably it didn’t take long for the Internet trolls to rear their heads.

Commenting on the snap, some users wrote: “IS THIS A JOKE THEY’RE BOTH NAKED”, “Kinda creepy”, and “That’s just odd”, with one particularly nasty comment reading: “This is child abuse.”

Crikey, guys - is it really that weird for a parent and a toddler to share a shower?

Responding to the negativity, Perez actually replied to one follower’s comment, writing: “I had my bathing suit on, and I didn’t feel the need to clarify that in the caption.”, however, many of the star’s fans were quick to defend him further.

One wrote: “No need to explain yourself. Shorts or not, nudity is nothing to be ashamed of and it’s how we teach our children about our bodies and how we respect ourselves.”, another added: “You don’t need to clarify anything.

“Anyone who’s a parent didn’t see this as creepy because as adult parents we know the day to day life of raising children.”, and: “I don’t understand why people are so worried about young toddlers and nudity with THEIR parents?!? That’s his father!”


Mario was conceived by egg donor and carried by a surrogate mother, with Perez welcoming his son back in February 2013.

On May 9th this year, Perez revealed that his second child, daughter Mia Alma, had been born via surrogate.