Pete Buttigieg: Democrat responds to Trump's comments on gay marriage

Victoria Gagliardo-Silver

Democrat presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg had a snarky response for Donald Trump after he commented on his marriage to husband Chasten Buttigieg.

Mr Trump, asked about the Indiana mayor's gay marriage on Fox News, said: “I think it’s great. I think that’s something that perhaps some people will have a problem with. I have no problem with it whatsoever. I think it’s good.”

However, Mr Buttigieg rebuked the comments, sarcastically saying: “That’s nice.”

Mr Buttigieg continued speaking on the comments made by Mr Trump at a campaign event in Iowa.

The Democrat implied that Fox News asked Mr Trump about the matter so he would have the opportunity to openly support gay marriage.

“They’re paying lip service to the idea of – like the president was asked about my marriage so he could have the opportunity to say he’s fine with it.”

Mr Buttigieg has often critiqued members of the Trump Administration for their anti-LGBT+ policies, specifically Mike Pence, saying “I don’t know what’s in his heart” in an interview with Hugh Hewitt.

Mr Buttigieg continued: "If you’re in public office and you advance homophobic policies, on some level it doesn’t matter whether you do that out of political calculation or whether you do it out of sincere belief.”

“The problem is, it’s hurting other people.”