Peter Andre can tell his new Somerset-born baby daughter is Australian

Peter Andre says his daughter 'is an Australian'
Peter Andre says his daughter 'is an Australian' -Credit:@peterandre/Instagram

Singer Peter Andre, 51, has playfully claimed that his baby daughter Arabella is proving true to her Australian roots. The star of 'Mysterious Girl' fame welcomed his fifth child last month with Emily, his wife, 34.

The couple are already parents to Amelia, born in 2014, and Theo, born in 2016. From his previous marriage with Katie Price, 45, the singer also shares Junior, 18, and Princess, 16.

Spending quality time with the newborn, both Peter and Emily have been routinely updating fans via snippets of their personal life. In an amusing Instagram story recently, Peter mused on the distinct sleep pattern he noticed in newborn Arabella, attributing it to her Aussie influence - even though she was born right here in Taunton.

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In a candid interaction with fans, Peter positively declared: "I've just realised that my daughter here is a true Aussie because she's sleeping in the Australian timezone. At night here, when it's morning in Australia she's wide awake. And in the morning when it's nighttime in Australia, she's asleep. She's 100% an Aussie.", reports the Mirror.

In his OK! magazine column, he expressed his family's fondness for the name they've chosen for their new addition: "And they love the name Arabella, which in Greek is pronounced Arvela."

Earlier in April, Peter posted a touching Instagram video showing Junior and Princess spending time with their grandmother Thea, who appeared content in her chair while her grandchildren kept her company.

He penned a heartfelt message saying: "Junior and Princess. The fact that you drove to Somerset to be with us hours before and the days that followed to see the arrival of your baby sister, AND THEN to get on a plane and travel 12,000 miles to be with your grandmother in a very difficult time for her shows me what beautiful children you are. I will never forget this moment. Thank you for being truly amazing. Love you all so much. Keep cuddling mum for me please and tell her I love her and we will come out soon."