Peter Andre wades in on Harvey Weinstein sex scandal: 'No means no!'

Following countless Hollywood stars giving their opinion on the shocking allegations made against Harvey WeinsteinPeter Andre has now voiced his concerns surrounding the sex scandal.

The Mysterious Girl hitmaker has delivered a stern ‘no means no’ message to sexual predators in his latest New! magazine column.

‘I don’t know what [Weinstein] did or didn’t do, but what I do know is that enough people have come forward for this not to be completely innocent,’ he said.

Peter Andre ‘no means no!’ (PA)
Peter Andre ‘no means no!’ (PA)

‘No means no. Those are the rules,’ Peter added.

Luckily, Peter has managed to escape such abhorrent treatment despite having worked in showbiz since the 1990s.

When asked if anyone had ever ‘tried it on’ back when he was trying to make it in the music industry, he said: ‘It was very different in Australia, so not that I ever remember, no.’

Over 35 women, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan, have come forward and accused the movie mogul of either sexual harassment, assault or rape over the past 10 days.

Gwyneth Paltrow accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment <i>[Photo: Getty]</i>
Gwyneth Paltrow accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment [Photo: Getty]

Weinstein has apologised for elements of his past behaviour but strongly denies any claims of non-consensual sex.

In the wake of the allegations, the 65-year-old has been expelled from the Oscars board, suspended by BAFTA and his wife, British designer Georgina Chapman, has reportedly left him.

Meanwhile, the dad of four also used the opportunity to deny his Australian Greatest Hits Tour has been cancelled due to ‘poor ticket sales’.

Harvey Weinstein & estranged wife Georgia Chapman (Rex)
Harvey Weinstein & estranged wife Georgia Chapman (Rex)

‘The tour hasn’t been cancelled, it’s been postponed until next year,’ he clarified.

‘The filming dates for 60 Minute Makeover kept being pushed back and there’s no way I could finish filming, do all the voiceovers and fly to Australia in between.’

So there you have it…

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