Peter Andre’s wife Emily MacDonagh would consider joining Embarassing Bodies

Emily MacDonagh says that she wouldn’t rule out appearing as a doctor on Embarrassing Bodies.

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Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity, the qualified doctor, who is expecting her second child with Peter Andre, revealed the only thing stopping her from taking on more TV work is her nerves.

Asked whether she would be keen to work on potential television projects with her husband Emily replied:

“Pete and I have talked about this, but I am actually quite shy. I’d be so nervous – if it weren’t for that, I would have done it before.”

The 27-year-old then added that she would definitely consider appearing as a doctor on a show like Embarrassing Bodies in the future.

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“Embarrassing Bodies is a great program, and we’re actually friends with doctor Dawn so maybe in time! Especially as I do more of my training. I wouldn’t rule it out!”

Peter then added that Emily is the perfect fit for anything health related.

“If it’s to do with medicine and health, it’s great for us to do. People will listen to Emily because she knows what she’s talking about.”

That’s why the pair are currently teaming up with Boots UK to encourage expectant Mums to go and get the flu jab.

Speaking about getting the vaccine herself, Emily told us:

“Being pregnant myself I saw what a great thing this was to support. Despite working as a doctor, I wasn’t aware how great it was.”

“I’m quite needlephobic – which is unusual for a doctor – but I genuinely didn’t feel it. And I’ve been completely well since.”

Peter then chipped in saying: “People will listen to Emily, because she will lead by example!”

You are eligible for a free flu vaccination if you are pregnant, 65 years of age or over, or have certain medical conditions.

Ask in your local Boots store about the Winter Flu Vaccination Service to find out more or book online here.