Peter Kay speaks out about encounter with Jimmy Savile

The comedian worked with Savile before his sex offending came to light

Gary Newlove charity dinner at the Halliwell Jones stadium, Warrington.  Peter Kay on stage. Picture: Chris Bull
Peter Kay has opened up about his first encounter with Jimmy Savile. (PA Images/Alamy) (Chris Bull)

Peter Kay has told how disgraced entertainer Jimmy Savile once licked the hand of a female producer when they were working together.

The comedian worked with Savile - who died in 2011 - many years ago on The Sunday Show, before Savile was exposed as a serial sex offender with many victims.

According to the Mirror, Kay opens up about their encounter in his new book Big Adventures On The Small Screen.

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The star explained that he wanted Savile to come on the show and that the presenter agreed, in return for £500 in cash and an expensive box of cigars.

Sir Jimmy Savile at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Sep 2003
Jimmy Savile died in 2011. (PA Images/Alamy) (pierre da)

"The only hint I got of Jimmy being immoral in any way was when he met our executive producer," wrote the Phoenix Nights and Car Share star.

"I remember she offered him her hand, which Jimmy took, then he flipped it round to kiss the back of it, but before his lips touched her skin I saw a quick flick of his tongue licking the back of her hand. Urgh! What was all that about?"

Kay said that he and the producer talked about it later and that she said to him: "He licked the back of my hand."

"I know, I saw him, the dirty old perv," he replied.

Sir Jimmy Savile at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Sep 2003
Jimmy Savile once worked on a show with Peter Kay. (PA Images/Alamy) (pierre da)

Savile died in 2011 at the age of 84 and then the following year his crimes were exposed.

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It was discovered that he had used his celebrity as well as his involvement in charities, hospitals and prisons to abuse hundreds of people over the years.

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