Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby baffled by Flat Earthers on This Morning

Presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were left bemused and baffled after interviewing three Flat Earthers on yesterday’s This Morning.

The three men appeared on the show’s couch to discuss their ‘theory’ that the Earth isn’t round after all and is, as per their name, flat.

And, like many people who’ve seen the proof that the world is indeed a circular, planetary shape, Phillip, 56, and Holly, 37, were left totally amazed by their persistence that any space exploration was faked and that that everyone involved – including British astronaut Tim Peake – is a liar working for the military.

Holly recalls interviewing Tim, 46, and asks the men ‘is he not in outer space? Where is he then?’ to which the deniers all pipped up at once.


‘In a Hollywood studio type environment – maybe even here,’ one of them suggested.

‘If you look at Tim Peake and people like Neil Armstrong and all the astronauts, they’re all military guys – if you look at them they’re all military – and not scientists.’

Which was where an irate Phil cut him off to say: ‘No. No they’re not, no they’re not.

‘230 individuals from 18 different countries have visited the space station – they were not all military. Some were teachers, we’ve met some of them – ordinary people!

‘Are all 230 people liars?’


The third man then chips in to say: ‘Can we end this debate by saying-‘

Before Phil jovially interrupts, saying: ‘No way.’

Flat Earthers are individuals who actively promote the idea that the Earth isn’t spherical and is unsurprisingly ridiculed by a majority of people.

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