Phillip Schofield's 'explosive comeback' as he's 'inundated with offers' after year of silence

Phillip Schofield, who confessed to having "lost everything" a year ago following an affair with a younger male colleague during his time on This Morning, is reportedly preparing for an "explosive comeback".

The 62-year-old recently sparked speculation of a return to the limelight after posting on social media. Phillip, who has maintained a low profile online for the past year, shared a photo of his dog Alfie engrossed in F1 on the television.

His caption read: "Thankfully, Alfie is a big @f1 fan."

It seems that Phillip is enlisting the help of fellow ITV veterans in his bid for a dramatic TV comeback. He was recently spotted looking cheerful while meeting up with friend Dec.

Insiders suggest this wasn't just a friendly get-together, as Phil appears to be eyeing up I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!, reports the Mirror.

"Phillip hasn't been the same since he stepped away from TV; it's all he's ever known and wanted to do. Ant and Dec both empathise with him and were concerned, so they reached out to welcome him back," a source revealed.

"There have been discussions about getting him on I'm A Celeb. Phillip is very much seeking a TV comeback and wants to do it the right way. He's always had a good relationship with both Ant and Dec, they've been friends for a long time. The lads are making sure he knows they're there for him and asking if he needs anything."

There's been a lot of celebrity drama recently, with Matt Hancock appearing on the 2022 series of I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! in an attempt to redeem himself after facing public scrutiny for his time as Health Secretary. Seann Walsh also took part in the same series, four years after he was involved in a cheating row during Strictly Come Dancing.

Phillip, who presented This Morning for 21 years, is reportedly keen to return to television to tell his side of the story after stepping down from the show in October. "They [Ant and Dec] think the jungle would be the best move for Phillip and to get his career back on track. A lot of stars have gone on there when their luck is down and they want to get their side across," a source said.

"Matt Hancock did very well despite the country's feelings towards him, so they're thinking that Phillip could do something similar. Dec has said to Phillip 'this could be your way back in' and they know it would pull high ratings for the show too. ITV would have him back for it because they know it would be good for the show, but they wouldn't have him back as a presenter."

As Phillip works on repairing his public image, he might find himself swamped with new career prospects, including the possibility of writing a tell-all book. This potential move has his celebrity pals sweating over what he might disclose, it's reported.

PR guru Dermot McNamara of Candid Publicity shared his insights: "It's likely that Phillip could receive offers for TV on other networks and radio, but there's also scope for him to do a book. This could be his way back into the hearts of the people," adding, "However, when it comes to a book, execs and celebs alike will be worried, because there's nothing stopping him throwing names under the bus with his explosive comeback. The book will let him put his own story out there, completely in his own words - whereas on TV, he'd be limited to what he can say or what the channel themselves can air."

ITV and representatives for Phillip have been contacted for a statement.

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