Quiz: How much do you know about common phobias?

Rob Waugh
·1-min read
Quiz: How much do you know about common phobias?

Having a phobia is extremely common – in fact, it’s believed that up to 10 million people in the UK have some sort of phobia, according to the NHS.

A phobia is when someone develops an overwhelming fear of something, be it something living, like a spider, or a place, like a confined space.

Most of us know a few of the more common ones, such as arachnophobia, the fear of spiders.

But how well do you really know phobias, and how they work?

Our 15-question multiple-choice quiz starts off very easy, with some questions you’ll probably be able to work out whether or not you know them.

But be warned, it gets difficult very quickly, with some very, very unusual phobias – and some truly tongue-twisting words.

Try your luck below!

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