Photo shows Scottish kids TV legend Glen Michael of Cartoon Cavalcade looking sprightly at 99

Grieve Thomson was delighted to meet the star while out walking his dog and couldn't believe he was 99
-Credit: (Image: Grieve Thomson)

A lucky fan has shared a wonderful photo of the moment he met Scots kids' TV legend after bumping into him in an Ayrshire village.

Grieve Thomson was delighted to realise the kindly old gent his dog had taken a liking to while visiting Maidens on Saturday (June 22) was in fact Glen Michael of Cartoon Cavalcade fame.

The Ayrshire native, who grew up in the village, was even more delighted when Mr Michael agreed to chat about his life in the army and even pose for a pic.

"I took my Labrador dog to Maidens where I grew up and we were going to park in the village and walk along the beach to Culzean.

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"I was parked outside of the local cafe enjoying a roll in the back of my van with the doors open. Glen pulled up behind me. His door was open and I could tell he liked my dog, as well-trained as she is, I still couldn’t stop her going over to him.

"I could tell he was up for a chat, so I introduced myself. I told him I’d used to watch his show as a kid and he said he likes it when people tell him this."

After chatting away about his past in the military and discussing how the age of mobile phones was making society more rude, landscaping expert Grieve was shocked when the sprightly TV star revealed he was 99 years of age.

"I was looking and thinking, man this dude doesn’t look 99. He has more hair on his head than some men I know in their 30s. When we were parting I said, 'OK Mr Michael, I know you get this all the time but how’s about a selfie?'

"Glen said course, when I stood by him I was cautious not to knock him off balance but he said, 'that’s no how you take a selfie son, get your arm over my shoulder'."

And when the delighted fan shared the special moment online, he was shocked to see how well it went down with fellow fans who had grown up watching the star.

Grieve added: "The pic was really just to show my kids one day as I don’t get to see them much, but I posted it on the Facebook Destination Scotland page and It went crazy.

"I was thinking 100 likes. It’s just broken 20k, I’ve had people contact me I played with as a kid 40 years ago."

It's since gained even more views and likes and seen hundreds of people commenting with their own memories of the actor and presenter.

And though people wanted to correct Grieve on the star's age, he revealed that is the age Glen told him as they chatted.

"I found Glen a complete gentleman. Originally coming from Maidens village myself, I’m there often with my dog and if I ever see him again I’m confident our conversation will pick up where we left off.

"To date I’ve met Clint Eastwood, Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac, Anthony Hopkins, Donald Trump and the new singer Nick Morgan of No Scotland, No Party is a close pal.

"These famous people are first and foremost regular people like us, just high profile, but Glen? Glen is a completely down-to-earth bloke. It was an honour getting a photo with a legend."

The entertainer and children's TV star is best known for his hugely popular show Glen Michael's Cartoon Cavalcade, which first aired back in 1966 and ran until the early 1990s with many Scottish children (as well as further afield) growing up watching Mr Michael.

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