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These adorable German Shepherd puppies may look cute but they are being trained to be the fearless police dogs of the future. Refer to NTIDOGS. The seven-week-old pups are being groomed as the next generation of canine crime-fighters for West Midlands Police. The cute and fluffy dogs are being taught to be "obsessed with toys" to assist their training for this very serious job. The 26 dogs will be placed with volunteers in just two weeks to help them become socialised and accustomed to different environments. They will then go through several assessments to see if they are suitable, before being paired up with an officer to start training in earnest at just 15 months old.

Best Animal Pictures Of 2012

From a cheeky sloth gatecrashing a holiday snap to a harmless gannet that transformed itself into a Great White, here is a collection of the most memorable animal pictures of the year.