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Hulk Hogan

It had been quite a while since Hulk Hogan and his family was in the news, and we weren’t complaining. But the wrestler-turned-reality star came back in a major way in early October … when a 90-second clip from his sex tape was released! If the grainy footage, canopy bed, and Hulk answering the phone half-way through the video (his ringtone was daughter Brooke’s song “About Us”) wasn’t bad enough, his partner was none other than the now-ex-wife, Heather Clem, of his best friend, Florida radio deejay Bubba the Love Sponge. Although the former couple denied leaking the tape to Gawker.com, Bubba later came clean, sort of, after Hulk threatened to sue him. "It is my belief that Hulk is not involved, and has not ever been involved, in trying to release the video, or exploit it, or otherwise gain from the video’s release in any way,” Bubba said in an October 29 statement, adding that he was “committed to helping Hulk and his attorneys find whoever is responsible for the release of the tape.” So far, they’ve come up with no one.

Biggest Celebrity Turkeys of 2012

Lindsay Lohan, Octomom, and Hulk Hogan are just a few of the celebs who stuffed us full of their nonsense this year.

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