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Gabby Douglas and her hair

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Gabby Douglas and her hair
The world cheered when 16-year-old Gabby Douglas won Olympic gold for her gymnastics performance -- the first African-American gymnast ever to do so -- but some people were focused on something other than her fabulous floor routine. On Twitter, people were taking her to task for not properly straightening her hair.

"That's really sad. Gabby is adorable, extraordinarily talented and people are complaining about how she wears her hair?" wrote a reader named "C." "It's pulled back out of her face so she can compete, just like ALL the other girls. Some people will never be satisfied with anything."

"As an African American, sadly I don't find it hard to believe that the focus of Gabby's achievement has taken this turn," commented "Sonny." "However, for those of us (African American women) who understand that hair is NOT everything, I salute what an incredible example of accomplishment
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