Physiotherapist buys trailer to sell her own lemonade just a day after being inspired by TikTok video

A physiotherapist says watching a TikTok video inspired her to buy a trailer the next day and open her own lemonade stand - living out every kid's childhood dream. Sofia Hancy, who lives in Beccles, Suffolk, came up with the spontaneous idea of opening her own lemonade trailer last year after seeing a video on TikTok.

Despite also juggling a full-time career as a physiotherapist, the 28-year-old purchased a trailer from Facebook marketplace for £1,800 and decided to convert it into a lemonade trailer using £20 stick-on tiles from Temu. The business-owner transformed the empty space into a colourful kitchen for her selection of ten homemade lemonades - racking up more than 700,000 views on TikTok after sharing the process online.

Sofia said: "It wasn't really a dream of mine. I literally thought of it one day then bought the trailer the next day. I literally saw the idea on TikTok and thought I'd just go for it. Sometimes you can overthink these ideas too much.

"There's not many non-alcoholic mobile bars around this area - there's loads of prosecco and coffee trailers but I've not seen any lemonade trailers before. I kept my brand name and am keeping open-minded. I'm starting with lemonade but may branch out in the future."

An old trailer before it was converted into a lemonade stand
Before Sofia Hancy transformed her roadside traiker into a lemonade stand

Sofia began renovating the trailer herself in December - spending less than £500 to transform the vehicle using discount centre items and Temu stick-on tiles. And Sofia already has her first wedding booked in the diary with a host of events also planned for later this year.

Sofia said: "I'm loving it. It's taking off way more than I anticipated. I don't know what the profits are going to be like. I'll have to see this year! I do want to expand it whatever that will be. I'm just staying really open-minded at the moment. It's a passion project - I don't really care if I don't make money. I do think if you love something though and you're willing to put the work in, it doesn't really fail, you just have to redirect."