Physiotherapist cheats death after falling 70m off the UK's deadliest mountain ridge

A hiker miraculously cheated death after falling off the UK's deadliest mountain ridge - escaping with just a sprained wrist. Jake Robinson tumbled 70m from Snowdon's Crib Goch, notorious for its "knife edge" trail which claims eight fatalities a year. Despite the foggy conditions the 27-year-old said "the hiking bug" and restlessness from lockdown pushed him to go-ahead with the challenge. But just 30 minutes from reaching the top of the summit, Jake's left foot slipped on a rock causing him to fall from the dangerous ridge which had claimed a life of a walker on the same place just a month before. Physiotherapist Jake was eventually airlifted to hospital where he was examined for possible brain damage but was told by doctors he had only sustained a sprained wrist. Jake, from Henlow, Bedfordshire, said: "I just can't believe I survived it all. "I'm a bit of a thrill seeker so I was always up for a bit of a challenge. "In the 1950s my grandad completed the Crib Goch route and I haven't heard of anyone else doing the same. "The weather was a bit foggy but we just approached it with a bit more caution. "We had been hiking for a few hours and were about 30 minutes from the top when I just stumbled. "I had put my leg out and I happened to stand on a really slippery bit. "My friend said I just disappeared off the edge." Filmed on 20th August 2021

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