In pictures: Devastating California wildfires as seen from International Space Station


These photos from space show the devastating impact of the wildfires that have been ravaging California since Monday.

The stirring pictures were taken from the International Space Station by astronaut Randy Bresnik, after he was asked if the blaze was visible from space.

Posting the photos on Twitter, Mr Bresnik wrote: ‘I was asked this evening if we can see the SoCal fires from space. Yes Faith, unfortunately we can. May the Santa Ana’s die down soon. #Californiawildfire.’

The 90,000-acre fire began burning in Ventura County, northwest of Los Angeles, before spreading through ridges and and canyons to the sea.

Huge winds are expected to return with gusts of up to 80mph, making it near impossible to fight the fire.

Almost 1,800 firefighters and a fleet of aircraft are attempting to fight the flames, but it is believed that the blaze is only 5 per cent contained and an estimated 12,000 buildings are in danger.