Piers accuses Beckhams of “pimping out” Cruz

Piers Morgan launched a blistering attack on David and Victoria Beckham this morning, accusing them of “pimping out” their youngest son Cruz on the pop market.

The 11-year-old, who has just been signed up by Justin Bieber’s agent, has announced he’s releasing a cutesy festive single called If Every Day Was Christmas – and the very idea had Piers reaching for the sick bucket.

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid/ITV

“It’s the idea of pimping them (him) out on the Christmas pop single market,” he raged. “Sorry it is like that, it is. I don’t care if it’s for charity. It’s for his little career.

“I say, why don’t you go to school mate? Because you’re not famous, your parents are famous, so why don’t you just carry on your education?

“Let the boy go to school! “What’s wrong with them? What is Cruz doing, with Justin Bieber’s agent?”

Good Morning Britain co-host Susanna Reid was clearly a little uncomfortable with Piers’ frothing monologue, urging him to “be gentle” because Cruz is only 11. An awkward-looking Richard Arnold simply tried to move the conversation on as swiftly as possible.

Cruz Beckham/Capital Radio

As you might expect, not all GMB viewers were impressed with Piers’ rant, with plenty of people taking to twitter to take the 51-year-old presenter to task.

“Maybe…just maybe, they’re supporting their child in exploring different experiences in life…that’s what parents do!” said one, while another trilled: “Cruzing all the way to the top of the charts! Brand Beckham rolls on.”

“Again Beckham envy! It’s for charity and the kid probably LOVED it. Get over it!” said another.



Little Cruz unveiled the song on Capital Radio this morning, and if the reaction was anything to go by, the 11-year-old lad could well be heading for a Christmas No. 1.

Let’s hope someone manages to get a copy to shove in Piers’ stocking, eh?