Piers Morgan eats humble pie as he admits he was wrong about Jeremy Corbyn

We’re not sure if hell has frozen over or if pigs are flying, but Piers Morgan has admitted that he was wrong about something for the second time in less than one week and we’re not quite sure how to deal with it.

The controversial TV presenter first shocked everybody when he took back his nasty comments about Ariana Grande following the One Love Manchester benefit concert last week, and now he has admitted defeat on his views of Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn appeared on Good Morning Britain hours before May called a snap election.
Corbyn appeared on Good Morning Britain hours before May called a snap election.

Somebody check his temperature, we don’t think that Piers is feeling well.

Earlier today, Piers retweeted one of his old Daily Mail articles entitled ‘Clueless Corbyn won’t just kill off his own career in this election, he may destroy Labour Party too’, which he published on the April 18 – the same day that Prime Minister Theresa May called for a snap election.

In the piece, Piers recounted his interview with Corbyn from earlier that morning and argued that by calling a snap election May “isn’t just kicking Corbyn when he’s down, she’s dug his political grave, prepared the coffin, set the date for the funeral service and invited us all to attend his career death.”

Man-of-the-moment Jeremy Corbyn has called for Mrs May to step aside as prime minister (Picture: PA)
Corbyn enjoyed unprecedented success.

He continued: “Many, even within his own party, believe it will be the greatest slaughter in the history of British politics. I think it could be worse than that…

“Modern politicians have to use modern mediums to connect with voters and get across their message. US Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, in very different ways, both used television and social media to win elections.

“Corbyn is toe-curlingly ineffectual on TV and equally uninspiring on Twitter.

“If Corbyn leads Labour into this General Election on June 8, I fear he’s going to get beaten so badly the party itself may never recover and Britain will move forward with no viable opposition party.

Piers admitted that he was wrong.
Piers admitted that he was wrong.

“And that would be a disaster not just for Labour, and for Corbyn personally, but for the country.”

Now, in case you somehow missed it, Corbyn enjoyed unprecedented success in Thursday’s General Election, and although Labour did not win a majority they did manage to increase the number of seats that they hold to 262, humiliating May and triggering a hung parliament.

On top of his hugely incorrect assumption about how well Corbyn will do in the election, Piers’ remark about the politician being unable to connect with the general public is arguably the most embarrassing for him to look back on, with much of Labour’s success being a direct result of Corbyn’s ability to connect with people, particularly young people, with 72% of 18-24 year old’s turning up to vote on Thursday.

Acknowledging all of his embarrassing gaffes, Piers wrote this morning: “This column has aged like an out-of-date slab of epoisses cheese.

“(Thanks for reminding me @Mickelson11)”.

Since the election’s results were announced, Piers has been incredibly vocal with his view that May should resign as Prime Minister, tweeting that she is “pathetic to watch” and “chucking everyone else under the bus”.

He also offered Corbyn his congratulations, writing: “Nearly @JeremyCorbyn… Nearly. Congrats on confounding all the critics, cynics & sceptics. Including me.”

Responding to a fan who applauded him for admitting to his mistakes, Piers said: “Critics only have credibility if they’re prepared to admit their own mistakes.”

And, to be honest, this might be the first time that we have ever actually agreed with him.

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