Piers Morgan lashes out at Britain for 'alienating' Donald Trump

Piers Morgan isn’t exactly a stranger to controversy, however, even his followers were shocked when the Good Morning Britain presenter went on a Twitter rant against his own country for “alienating” Donald Trump.

Taking to social media, Piers blasted UK “halfwits” for their treatment of the US president ahead of an interview with Trump’s ex-wife, Ivana, on GMB earlier this morning.

Piers seemed to be very much #TeamTrump. Copyright: [Rex]
Piers seemed to be very much #TeamTrump. Copyright: [Rex]

Piers wrote: “So smart of Britain to alienate the President of the United States – leader of the world’s No1 superpower & our most important ally.

“Congrats everyone who contributed to this gloriously self-defeating state of affairs – you complete & utter halfwits.”

Needless to say, the star’s followers were horrified, with one hitting back: “Trump is man who plays by his own rules. He lacks empathy & decency. Do we just suck up to him?

Trump’s presidency has proven controversial. Copyright: [Rex]
Trump’s presidency has proven controversial. Copyright: [Rex]

“The man is humiliating himself & his country on an unprecedented scale… DAILY. He can have our respect when he’s earned it. The American people know we are their ally. [sic]”

Another added: “We have standards and morals. Sometimes you have to stand up for your principles even if it makes things difficult.”, to which Piers replied: “Is that why we gave state visits to Mugabe, Assad & Putin?”

He later continued: “How does it help Britain’s interests to ban the leader of our most important ally, especially when we regularly roll out the red carpet for far worse people than Trump?”

Following Ivana’s appearance on his and Susanna Reid’s TV breakfast show today [15 January], Piers also infuriated his followers by sharing a photo with Trump’s ex alongside the caption: “Say what you like about @realDonaldTrump but he can’t be too bad if his ex wife agrees he’s a ‘stable genius’!”

Criticising Piers’ interview with Ivana, one viewer responded: “Totally scripted and set up interview @piersmorgan !!! Noticed You had no qustions about the TRUE relationship and the troubles of the marriage etc.

“Just took everything she said as true. Very un-Piers like??. Appreciate it was just a favour for a mate though.”

Another replied: “Piers do you have a secret pact with old Donald or something? I don’t understand how you can defend him all the time when he’s quite obviously a walking disaster who loves nothing more than to shoot his mouth off. It’s really disappointing seeing your tweets.”

But Piers remained defiant, going on to call Trump “a winner” as he ignored the widespread backlash.

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