Piers Morgan left ‘chilled’ by Paris Bennett after interviewing killer for new Psychopath documentary

Piers Morgan admitted that he has “never felt quite as chilled” as he did after meeting Paris Bennett, the subject of new documentary Psychopath with Piers Morgan.

Bennett killed his four-year-old sister in 2007 and was imprisoned for 40 years for murder.

The Good Morning Britain host has presented numerous documentaries on murderers but admitted that Bennett’s “intelligence” threw him off kilter.

“I’ve sat with a lot of killers, with the Killer Women series, Serial Killer and so on, very dangerous people,” he told Lorraine Kelly on her eponymous chat show earlier today.

Combat: Morgan admitted that he found interviewing Bennett difficult (Rex Features)
Combat: Morgan admitted that he found interviewing Bennett difficult (Rex Features)

“I’ve never felt quite as chilled in a bad way as I was by that guy because he was so intelligent, IQ of 141, genius level IQ, very articulate.

“The FBI profilers we brought in to advise us said: ‘He’ll have done his research on you very thoroughly, he will try and play you, he will be manipulating you’ and I really felt that. I felt like I was in psychological combat with this guy.”


Morgan went on to reveal that he was banned from being in the same room as his interviewee for “the first time ever.”

“I’ve interviewed serial killers who have killed 12, 20 people in some cases and I would be two feet away but he was considered too dangerous to be in the same vicinity as,” Morgan claimed.

“He had to be behind reinforced glass.”

The hour-long documentary marks the first time that Bennett has been interviewed on British television.

Morgan’s interview will be analysed by a former FBI profiler and leading criminologist to provide further insight into Bennett’s answers.

Psychopath with Piers Morgan airs on ITV on June 27.