Piers Morgan says he still doesn't believe Meghan Markle as he jokingly storms off 'Lorraine'

Piers Morgan returned to ITV. (Getty Images)
Piers Morgan returned to ITV. (Getty Images)

Piers Morgan has said he still doesn’t believe Meghan Markle and that he should be entitled to have an opinion without getting cancelled.

The TV star famously left Good Morning Britain last year after saying he didn’t believe claims the royal made during her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

He has now returned to ITV for an appearance on Lorraine ahead of the launch of his new show.

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Addressing his GMB exit, he told host Lorraine Kelly: “I only regret that ITV tried to make me apologise for something I genuinely believed.

"I didn’t believe most of what was coming out of Meghan Markle’s mouth when she spoke to Oprah Winfrey."

"I didn’t believe her then, I don’t believe her as I sit here now, I should be entitled to not believe her," he said.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attending the Invictus Games athletics events in the Athletics Park, at Zuiderpark the Hague, Netherlands. Picture date: Sunday April 17, 2022.
Piers Morgan says he still doesn't believe the Duchess of Sussex. (PA)

He went on: "I think most British people now share my view about Meghan Markle and indeed Prince Harry, whose behaviour continues to be utterly deplorable."

"What state have we got to, in my case, I was hired to host that show precisely because I have strong opinions?" he added.

Morgan, 57, also referred to the fact that he was later cleared by broadcasting watchdog Ofcom.

"Just to be clear, I didn’t want to leave," he told Kelly.

"It wasn’t my choice to leave. I was just told, 'You’ve got to apologise or you have to leave'. I said, why would I apologise for something I believe?"

<p>Lorraine Kelly has laid into former Health Secretary Matt Hancock following his recent tell-all interview in which he discussed breaking lockdown rules while having an affair.</p>
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Piers Morgan had a sit down with Lorraine Kelly. (ITV)

Talking about 'woke' culture, Morgan said society has got to "get a grip".

"I was cancelled from Good Morning Britain," he said.

Referring to the fact that his friend Sharon Osbourne ended up leaving US show The Talk after defending him, he went on: "Sharon Osbourne was cancelled from her show simply for saying I had the right to an opinion."

"This woke mob have decided only their opinions can be tolerated and if you deviate one iota from it then you will have to be destroyed – they are not liberal, they are a new form of fascists," he insisted.

Morgan also made Kelly laugh when he ended their chat by pretending to walk off, storming off the set in a similar fashion to his GMB exit.

The TV star is now returning with Piers Morgan Uncensored, a new show on global channel talkTV from Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, and has vowed to cancel cancel culture.

His first guest is former US President Donald Trump.

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In a promo for the show, it has been billed as ‘The most explosive interview of the year’.

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