Piers Morgan mocks Hugh Grant and Steve Coogan over 'helping' Boris Johnson to 'landslide' victory

Julia Hunt
From ITV Studios - GOOD MORNING BRITAIN - Weekdays on ITV - Pictured: Piers Morgan (© ITV)

Piers Morgan has taken aim at Hugh Grant, taunting him for helping Boris Johnson achieve a "landslide" win in the General Election.

The outspoken TV presenter also mocked Steve Coogan in a sharp message posted on Twitter.

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Grant and Coogan had both been high-profile advocates of tactical voting in a bid to prevent a Tory majority.

Hugh Grant speaks during a canvassing event for the Liberal Democrat Party (David Mirzoeff/PA via AP)

Soon after the exit poll indicated a Conservative victory, Morgan tweeted: "Congrats Hugh Grant & Steve Coogan - you helped get Boris a landslide."

Grant had posted a message of his own on Twitter after the result, saying: “There goes the neighbourhood."

But Morgan snapped back: “No, there goes your credibility.

"The British people listened to your democracy-wrecking garbage & told you to f*** off."

Morgan continued his rant about the pair on his show Good Morning Britain, saying that the actors believed that their Hollywood star power could defy democracy.

He said: "I watched Coogan on Channel 4 News I think it was, the day before the election, and he was so sneering about Brexiteers, called them stupid and thick... said his character Alan Partridge was basically like them, ignorant.

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“I watched that and thought, ‘My God, imagine if you're a working class Northern Labour voter who voted Leave’, you have got this multi-millionaire entitled Hollywood brat telling you that your vote does not count.”

Steve Coogan arrives at the BAFTA Los Angeles Britannia Awards in 2019 (Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

He added: "Well good morning Mr Coogan, it turns out what you said didn't count.

“Good Morning Mr Grant, it turns out what you said didn't count."

“In fact, if anything, you both had the complete opposite effect.”