Piers Morgan shocks Good Morning Britain viewers after host ‘admits’ he’s a ‘b***end’ on live TV

Jacob Stolworthy
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Piers Morgan had Susanna Reid in hysterics after referring to himself as a “b***end” on Good Morning Britain.

The presenter made the comment after expressing the controversial view that teachers shouldn’t have tattoos.

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After the segment discussing the topic came to an end, Morgan suggested he might get a tattoo himself, asking Reid: “What would I do? ‘Legend’ across my forehead?”

Reid replied: “Something else if you’re gonna do your forehead”, to which Morgan asked: “B***end?”

He immediately raised his hand to his mouth in shock as Reid and crew members off camera laughed in surprise.

Piers Morgan left Susanna Reid in hysterics after calling himself a naughty wordITV
Piers Morgan left Susanna Reid in hysterics after calling himself a naughty wordITV

Morgan then mocked everyone for acting like he had “said something outrageous” as he claimed it’s what they “literally call [him] all day long.”

Many viewers recorded the moment and posted it on social media. Find the clip below – language warning: Morgan says the word “b***end”.

— matthew nichols (@mattnichols87) February 24, 2021@piersmorgan @GMB @susannareid100 Wow this was funny #Tattoo #Bellend pic.twitter.com/lQoOR5snCY

“#PiersMorgan just admitted he’s a *b***end live on GMB,” one viewer wrote, with another stating they had “just spat coffee in [their] cornflakes”.

Another viewer added: “Absolutely love that @piersmorgan called himself a b***end live on GMB.”

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Still, other people weren’t so impressed by Morgan’s views, with one person writing: “Tattoos [affect your] ability to teach ?

“From what Piers said on TV this morning the word ‘b***end’ when young children would be around at this time for them to hear, is more on of an inability to present a morning tv show. I’m sure the headmaster wouldn’t use that word. [sic]”

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