Pizza Hut in Hong Kong serves up snake pizza


Pizza Hut in Hong Kong has collaborated with a century-old local restaurant to introduce snake pizza to customers.

Snake pizza: The 9-inch pizza features shredded snake meat, black mushrooms and Chinese dried ham, inspired by the traditional snake stew. Pizza Hut has partnered with Ser Wong Fun, a snake restaurant in Central Hong Kong with roots dating back to 1895. The unconventional dish, which aims to generate online buzz, combines the rich culinary culture of snake-based dishes common in Southeast Asia.

Customers who have tried the pizza claim that the texture of the snake is similar to dry chicken and tastes like fish or other kinds of seafood. It is currently on sale until Nov. 22.

Snake medicinal properties: Many believe that snake meat has medicinal properties. Pizza Hut also claims it can boost blood circulation. The snake pizza, which is available with abalone sauce, challenges traditional notions of maintaining good health while offering an innovative culinary experience.

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“Paired with cheese and diced chicken, the snake meat becomes richer in taste,” Pizza Hut Hong Kong said in a statement, according to CNN. “Combined with pizza, it marks a breakthrough from the conventional concept of what maintaining good health means while challenging one’s taste buds.”

Pizza Hut’s future plans: Pizza Hut Hong Kong has plans to introduce other unconventional menu items, including a pizza with Chinese preserved sausages. This venture follows a trend among Asian franchises of American brands to celebrate local food culture with adventurous gastronomical creations, such as pizzas featuring durian, pig blood curds or tonkotsu ramen. While opinions on snake meat pizza may vary, it represents a unique fusion of local and global culinary influences.

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