Plane Crashes Shortly After Take-Off in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Several people died and more were injured after a Bek Air plane crashed into houses shortly after take-off from Almaty International Airport in Kazakhstan on Friday, December 27, authorities said in a statement.

At least nine had died and a further nine were injured, including six children, local emergency services said in a statement on Friday morning.

The Bek Air flight, enroute to the country’s capital Nur-Sultan, was carrying 95 passengers and five crew members when it lost altitude shortly after take-off, around 7.22 am, and crashed into a residential area, according to reports from Almaty International Airport and local media.

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev offered his condolences and said an investigation would be launched into the cause of the crash.

Medical services and law enforcement continued to work in the area. Credit: Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan via Storyful