Plans to demolish former South Shields school site to pave way for housing given green light

Former Temple Park Infants School, South Shields
Former Temple Park Infants School, South Shields -Credit:Google Maps

The demolition of a former South Shields school site has been given the go-ahead, potentially paving the way for new housing. The planning department of South Tyneside Council has approved an application to demolish the old Temple Park Infants School.

The school building, located off Rubens Avenue in the Whiteleas ward, hasn't been used for educational purposes for years and has also suffered from anti-social behaviour.

Earlier this year, South Tyneside Council submitted a demolition application for the site. It's understood that the council had been using the school buildings for storage, but this is "no longer needed".

After assessing the demolition application against planning policies, the council's planning department gave its approval on May 1, 2024.

According to planning documents, the proposed demolition will involve sequential techniques using hand tools, power tools, mechanical plant and a 360 excavator machine. A council decision report stated that "dust, noise and vibration suppression methods would be used throughout the demolition works", and that the property was "surplus to the council's requirements".

In the decision report, council planning officers confirmed that the demolition methods would be "appropriate" and that the site restoration would be acceptable, "leaving the site in a tidy condition".

Demolition work is set to commence in August 2024, following the approval of planning permission, with a completion date expected in November 2024.

South Tyneside Council have hinted at future residential development on the site, but affirmed there are no firm plans currently.

A council spokesperson elaborated: "The former Temple Park Infants School has been used by the council for storage for some time."

"That requirement is no longer needed and as such it is proposed to demolish the existing building, which is in a poor state of repair and attracts some anti-social behaviour."

"It is envisaged that the site will be developed for housing, however, there are no firm plans at present."

Further details about the demolition application can be sourced from South Tyneside Council's planning portal website.