Plate Day food and drink rules as Newcastle Racecourse set for big event

There will be huge crowds at Newcastle Racecourse on Saturday as it's Northumberland Plate Day time again and, with the forecast still looking decent for the weekend, it look set to be one to remember.

Just like The Hoppings, which made its return to Tyneside last week, Plate Day hasn't always been blessed with the best weather, with umbrellas required on numerous occasions to avoid soggy fascinators. The weekend and first few days of this week were bathed in warm sunshine, as temperatures approach 30 degrees and, while the sun isn't predicted to be around as much over the next few days, there is little threat of rain, which should be music to the ears of all those ready to dress to impress for the occasion.

A Plate Day dress code has been confirmed by the Racecourse, with different rules depending on what area you're in and there are also specific rules for food and drink as well.

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With the grandstand, premier and VIP zones all open on Saturday, you'll want to make sure you're aware of the rules that correspond with whatever ticket you've got for the big day.

Northumberland Plate Day food and drink rules at Newcastle Racecourse

Absolutely no alcohol can be brought into the racecourse

Picnics can be eaten in the designated picnic area, with the exception of alcohol and soft drinks. There are plenty of outlets available where can purchase a variety of food and drink. In the past there has been stalls selling everything from pizza to hit meat sandwiches, fish and chips and wraps, as well as the takeaway in the main bar in the Grandstand.

And, while picnics are allowed, no barbecues are permitted to be used at the racecourse.