Polar Bear Spotted Crossing Manitoba Baseball Field

A polar bear that was spotted wandering across a baseball field in Churchill, Manitoba, on October 9 was tranquilized in the interests of public safety, according to a local conservation officer.

Churchill resident Danielle Daley captured footage of the bear making its way across a baseball field in the center of the town. The video shows the bear crossing the field before a conservation officer follows it, with a chase ensuing as the bear dashes back across the baseball diamond.

Conservation officer Bob Windsor told CBC, “We got a call that there was a bear right in town, which is kind of unusual. Usually, the bears that get into town are at night time. It’s fairly rare that we do get them in the day time, because they’re usually seen prior to getting into town.”

The number of gateways present around the field made for a difficult catch, with Windsor and colleagues eventually deciding that, in order to avoid the possibility of the chase pushing the animal to a more populated area, it was best “to dart the bear.”

The adolescent 200-pound female polar bear will spend 30 days in a holding facility before being released a safe distance out of town to hunt for seals once Hudson Bay freezes over. Credit: Danielle Daley via Storyful