Police in Boulder Respond to 'Riot Conditions' at Massive Street Party

Police responded to a large party that took over streets near the University of Colorado in Boulder and left damage in its wake on Saturday, March 6.

Pictures of crowds emerged on social media during the day on Saturday. Shortly after 8 pm local time, the university tweeted that Boulder Police were were responding to a “large party” in an area known as University Hill.

Videos captured in the evening showed damage to vehicles and broken glass in the street.

This footage, taken by Daily Camera reporter Mitchell Byars, shows revelers in the road, setting off fireworks. When police arrive they can be heard threatening partygoers with arrest if they do not disperse, due to “riot conditions.”

In a statement issued before 10 pm, the University of Colorado condemning the day’s events, which flouted COVID-19 guidelines.

“We are aware of a large party on University Hill on Saturday evening and allegations of violence toward police officers responding to the scene,” the university said. “CU Boulder will not tolerate any of our students engaging in acts of violence or damaging property.” Credit: dailycamera.com via Storyful