Police officer tackles man to ground during dramatic press conference on TV

Corazon Miller

An Australian senior detective interrupted his own press conference to tackle a man to the ground in a display of sporting prowess.

It was the second time senior sergeant Daren Edwards was interrupted in the middle of his interview with journalists outside the Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Wednesday morning.

The man was at the court on a public nuisance charge when he walked in front of the camera accusing police of corruption.

“Police is not good at all, the police is corrupt, disgusting and they are abusing innocent people like myself,” he says in the video Australian network 9News aired.

The detective told the man, who said his name was Laszlo: “You can have your day in court”.

The conference continued after the man left - until a commotion was heard behind the officers and Laszlo was seen coming into view again.

Edwards sprinted towards him and crash tackled him to the ground. Another man who’d been giving chase could be heard shouting: “He’s been inappropriate to my daughter”.

More officers arrived and the man was arrested and charged with a second count of public nuisance.

Edwards, who received grazes to his head in the scuffle, later told 9News it had been a few years since he’d made an arrest of that nature.

“You never know what the job will bring.”