Police Officers With Guns Drawn Move Down Jersey City Street Amid Deadly Shooting

Police officers with guns drawn moved down residential streets of Jersey City, New Jersey, on December 10, amid an active-shooter situation that resulted in several fatalities, according to media reports.

In a video, six police officers, many wearing plainclothes, can be seen moving single file down Myrtle Avenue, their guns at the ready.

Local media reported six people died in the shootout, including one police officer.

One police officer was shot dead at Bayview Cemetery just before 1 pm, another was shot in the shoulder, and two others were receiving medical treatment “due to shrapnel,” Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop said. None of the police officers’ names have been released, nj.com said.

Fulop said that a lockdown on Jersey City schools was lifted at 4.15 pm. Credit: tyblade_ via Storyful