Police pledge arrests after cars damaged during Tommy Robinson rally

Police have warned that there will be arrests following damage caused at a Tommy Robinson campaign event in Oldham (Picture: YouTube)

Greater Manchester Police have warned that there will be arrests after violence erupted during a disturbance at a Tommy Robinson campaign event in Oldham.

Footage posted online showed clashes between Robinson’s supporters and counter-demonstrators at the event on Saturday afternoon.

Police said nobody was seriously injured during the incident, but eggs and bricks had been thrown during disorder and those responsible would be dealt with “robustly”.

Chief Superintendent Neil Evans said: "Everyone has the right to free speech and we will always do our best to facilitate this so people can exercise this right in a safe environment.

"This evening, people took advantage of this and turned to violence, throwing objects including eggs and bricks. We understand that many of those involved were not from Oldham.

He went on: "Whoever is responsible, this behaviour will not be tolerated by GMP, our partners or the people of Oldham.

"Police officers responded quickly to the disorder and dispersed those involved. Fortunately, no-one was seriously hurt and damage was only caused to vehicles.


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"Now the incident has come to a close and people in the area have dispersed, our attention turns to the investigation into the circumstances that surround it.

"Those involved can expect to be arrested and dealt with robustly."

Various videos have been posted on different social media channels.

One posted on Facebook by a group calling itself the Muslim Defence League shows a group of Asian men shouting at the other crowd across the police blockade, with some throwing objects and shouting "racist scum".

A separate video shared on YouTube by Danny Tommo, an associate of Robinson, appears to show the clashes from the other perspective. In the clip, he claims bricks are being thrown at his group.

Robinson is standing as a candidate for the North West in this week’s European elections.

Jim McMahon, Labour MP for Oldham West and Royton, tweeted his disappointment at seeing the town used for "hate and division".

The shadow local government minister wrote: "It's horrible to see our town being used for hate and division when our own future is a shared one, long after the circus has left town."