Pollsters predict Labour victories across West Lothian

Voters will make their voices heard tomorrow across the UK.
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On the eve of the General Election a national poll is predicting Labour victories in both West Lothian constituencies.

If voters follow YouGov predictions the SNP could lose the seats the party has held since 2015 when Labour was banished across Scotland.

You Gov polling shows both constituencies in a "lean" towards Labour and also predicts a strong showing for Reform - suggesting the newly formed party could beat Conservatives to take third place.

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The findings are based on You Gov's MRP projections from mid campaign.

Voters go to the polls tomorrow in Livingston and Bathgate and Linlithgow constituencies. Both are different to the constituencies from 2019, but only with slight boundary changes, and a new name for Bathgate and Linlithgow .

In Livingston the SNP’s Hannah Bardell is defending a majority of 13,435, 46.9 per cent of the vote, gained in December 2019. On that night local Conservative group leader on the Council Damian Doran-Timson took second place with 12,182 votes, 22.3 per cent of the vote. Labour came in third place.

YouGov’s prediction for this year, taken from polling between 11 and 18 June, suggests a Labour gain, taking 39 per cent of the vote and placing SNP second with 31 per cent . Reform takes a distant third with 8.8 per cent. The Conservatives are pushed into fifth place with 5.2 per cent of the vote in the YouGov poll.

In the newly named Bathgate and Linlithgow constituency Martyn Day will be defending an 11,266 majority. In 2019 he polled 44.2 per cent of the vote for the SNP. The Conservatives took second place with 14,285 votes, 24.7 per cent of the vote. Labour were third with 10,517.

YouGov’s predictions for the same polling period as Livingston in mid campaign predict a Labour win, taking 38.2 pre cent of the poll. The SNP in second place with 30.8 per cent of the poll and Reform, again distant third with 9.2 per cent of the poll. Predictions show the Conservatives dropping into fourth place with 7.3 per cent of the poll.

Polls open at 7am and close at 10pm. Residents will need to provide some form of photo ID to vote in this General Election.

The full list of candidates for Livingston is:

Bardell, Hannah Mary: SNP

Doran-Timson, Damian Joseph: Conservative

Ewen, Debbie: Alba

Glasgow, Cameron: Greens

Lindsay, Caron: Liberal Democrats

McLennan, David: Reform

Poynton, Gregor Arthur: Labour

The full list of candidates for Bathgate and Linlithgow is:

Day, Martyn: SNP

Hannah, John: Independence for Scotland Party

Jay, Simon Caleb: Greens

McArthur, Stuart James: Independent

McNamee, Jamie: Reform

Munro, Lynn Edith: Conservative

Pattle, Sally: Liberal Democrats

Sullivan, Kirsteen Ann: Labour

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