Poor Henry Cavill’s Dealing With All The James Bond Questions Again After An AI Trailer Racked Up 3.5 Million Views

 Henry Cavill holding a man down by his arm while speaking in Argylle.
Henry Cavill holding a man down by his arm while speaking in Argylle.

Ever since the ending of No Time To Die was revealed in theaters, fans have been wondering which actors might replace Daniel Craig as James Bond. There are a number of popular choices, including Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Henry Cavill. The latter actor is dealing with all the James Bond questions again after an AI trailer racked up 3.5 million views.

While it was reported that Taylor-Johnson was close to signing on to play the next 007, that still hasn't happened yet. But there are still fans hoping to see the former Superman actor in the role, with comments by Henry Cavill going viral anytime he talks about it. An AI-generated trailer on YouTube imagined what he might be like in the role, with Margot Robbie by his side. As a reminder, you can check it out below:

I mean, how cool is that? Cavill obviously has the dashing good looks to play 007, but he's also got plenty of experience in action sequences and spy movies like Argylle. And until Eon productions makes an official casting announcement, this trailer is no doubt going to keep the conversation about Henry Cavill's possible Bond going.

While Aaron Taylor-Johnson recently clapped back over James Bond questions, Henry Cavill has been dealing with the same chatter for years now. Case in point: his recent appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, where he addressed the ongoing speculation. As he put it:

All I've got to go off is the rumours. The same information you have. Maybe I'm too old now, maybe I'm not. It's up to [producers] Barbara Broccoli and Mike Wilson and we'll see what their plans are.

Exactly what Barbara Broccoli and company have up their sleeves are a mystery, but they'll presumably have to focus up on casting if the Bond franchise is going to make it back to theaters soon. All we know is that Eon is apparently looking for a younger actor, who could handle the physical toll of the role as well as the yeas of playing this franchise role. We'll just have to see if this excludes Cavill or not.

The discourse surrounding Cavill and Bond goes back years, as he was up for the role of 007 when Daniel Craig was cast. If he actually manages to be cast this time around, it would definitely be a shocker. But he's got the dashing good looks and hulking physicality that would make for an excellent James Bond. Still, there are plenty of folks online who think that Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a sure thing as the next Bond.

For now we'll have to patiently wait for some official James Bond news. In the meantime, check out the 2024 movie release dates to plan your next trip to the theater.