Poor stray kitten left with horrific bulging eyes due to mystery head injury

Rupert’s eyes were left bulging out of his head following a severe head injury (SWNS)

This poor stray kitten was found walking in agony after a serious head injury left his eyes bulging out of their sockets.

The 12-week-old feline, who was named Rupert by his rescuers, was taken in from the streets and cared for by the RSPCA.

The poor little kitty is likely still in some discomfort and will probably need to have both of his eyes removed as a result of the mystery injury.

Kerry Draper, who runs a rehoming centre, said: “Sadly, it’s unclear how Rupert sustained such injuries but it was immediately obvious that he needed specialist care to provide him with any chance of recovery.

The 12-week-old was found walking in agony on the streets (SWNS)

“Despite our efforts, we believe Rupert will lose his sight, the prognosis to save it just isn’t positive.

“We are appealing to the public to help us raise funds for his rehabilitation so that he can continue life in a loving home with a family that will take special care of him.

“Whilst in our care Rupert has received pain relief, a secure shelter and nutritious kitten meals to provide the energy to keep fighting – but there’s a long road ahead for him.

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“He requires an operation to alleviate the pressure, which we’re sure will result in him losing both eyes.

“He’ll need antibiotics to fight any infection, ongoing pain relief and specialist foods to help him build up strength.

“Currently our team are providing Rupert with the affection and encouragement this young kitten so desperately deserves.”

Rupert will likely lose both his eyes as a result of the injury (SWNS)

Rescuers are now trying to raise £1,000 to pay for an operation to remove the eyes and fund ongoing care.

Ms Draper added: “The cost of Rupert’s care is likely to reach in the region of £1,000, which is a large sum of money for us.

“Every penny raised in this appeal will go directly to Rupert’s care and those we receive just like him.

“As is often the case with many of the animals we receive Rupert is a little fighter – he skips around purring whilst seeking out the next person available for petting and cuddles.

“Despite our efforts to ease his pain, it is often quite clear that he is in discomfort.”