Pornhub has launched an online 'sexual wellness center'

PornHub has launched a new Sexual Health website (Picture: PornHub)
PornHub has launched a new Sexual Health website (Picture: PornHub)

Pornhub has said they’re hoping to become a leading light in sexual education after launching a website that will educate users on relationships, safe sex, and sexually transmitted infections.

The pornography site, which attracts 70 million users every day, has now launched a sub-site titled ‘The Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center‘ to provide advice and wisdom on a wide array of sexual topics.

Dr Laurie Betito, a Canadian sex expert, is among the leading physicians and therapists who will be answering questions and providing advice on the site.

In a video promoting the site, she said: ‘I’ve teamed up with PornHub to create a place where information pertaining to the physical, psychological and even the most intimate aspects of sex is available to all.’

At present, the site poses questions such as ‘Can Yoga Help Your Sex Life?’ and ‘Is Sexual Addiction Real?’

It’s believed that more extensive content will be posted over the coming weeks.

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In a statement, PornHub Vice President Corey Price said: ‘Our goal is to provide our visitors with a site that has credible and insightful information, rather than have them scouring the internet.

‘The free site will feature original editorial content on an assortment of topics from an array of esteemed doctors, therapists, community leaders and experts.’

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